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Grapple is an automated employment law Ai tool for employees who have been treated badly at work.

Join more than 70% of Grapple users who achieved a positive outcome at work.

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Help starting an employment tribunal claim

I secured over £20,000 using Grapple

“The ease of use and the technical detail allowed me to write to my employer in a professional and legal fashion.

Grapple enabled me to achieve a more favourable settlement than I anticipated and my employer thought that I had legal representation.”

- Sara, disgruntled worker wishing to leave her job after being treated badly by her boss

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Use the simple interface to define your problem

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Learn about your rights and how to get justice

Create Legal Documents 

Grapple Ai writes letters for you to send to your employer

Our tech won the 2021 Law Society Award for Excellence in Technology & Innovation

Want to find out what your legal rights are and whether you might have a case against your employer?

The advice note will provide a summary of your legal rights and explain how to get a fair outcome in your case, so you can leave with your head held high. 

Generate legal advice note

Access to Justice

Completely free to use and no need to sign up

Helped over 30,000 employees

With Grapple on your team, your employers will think you've hired lawyers 

Once you've generated your legal advice note, it's really easy to use Grapple to create legal letters to send to your employer. These include:
-grievance letters
-employment tribunal documents
-'without prejudice' letters for negotiating exit packages.

It's completely free to use and there's no need to sign up. 

Create accurate legal letters

"We believe that everyone should have easy access to legal knowledge, so they can live freely in a complex world." - Alex Monaco, CEO of Grapple & Monaco Solicitors

The Grapple Story

50% of people had a legal problem in the last 2 years but only 17% sought help. Grapple was originally created to help the millions of people affected at work by Covid restrictions. 

The response was overwhelmingly positive and we set about making Grapple a tool for all employees being treated badly at work, regardless of economic circumstances. 

This individual was able to secure an uplift in compensation of over £20,000 using legal letters produced by Grapple

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Grapple make every attempt to ensure the factual accuracy of website content at the time of publication. Any guidance or tips given are for information and general legal advice only. Nothing should be taken as specific legal advice or as forming a lawyer-client relationship. If you require legal representation please get in touch and we will refer you to one of our friendly law firm partners.

© Grapple Tech Ltd,
Registered company no. 14339842
Registered office address: Unit 6 Queens Yard, White Post Lane, 

London, United Kingdom, E9 5EN

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Become Your Own Employment Lawyer

Instant access to automated legal advice and documents, so you can:

About Monaco Solicitors

We've partnered with Monaco Solicitors, a firm renowned for its exclusive representation of individuals in employment law cases, never employers. As the UK’s largest firm dedicated to this cause, they are steadfast in their commitment to increasing access to justice for victims of workplace unfairness. With accolades for excellence and innovation in legal technology, Monaco Solicitors ensures first-class representation and support.

How Does it Work?

Crafted your Legal Letters with Grapple?

Enhance your legal strategy with personalised advice and case reviews from experienced solicitors at our trusted partner, Monaco Solicitors

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Over 70% of users experienced a positive outcome

We asked our users:

Did Grapple generate a helpful legal letter?

Did you reach a positive outcome from using Grapple?

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Request a financial settlement

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Featured on the BBC



We're proud to share that our founder, Alex Monaco, was prominently featured in a recent BBC news article exploring the impact of AI on the legal profession.

"AI is not replacing humans, it's not replacing lawyers. What it is doing is supercharging people's understanding and implementation of their legal rights," - Alex Monaco, Founder

Alex Monaco is an employment lawyer who runs both his own solicitor practice and a tech firm called Grapple.

Grapple was developed to provide members of the public with what Mr Monaco calls "an ontology of employment law", and offers advice on a range of workplace issues from bullying and harassment to redundancy. It can generate legal letters and provide summaries of cases.

He is excited about the potential for AI to democratise the legal profession.

"Probably 95% of the inquiries that we get are from people who just cannot afford lawyers," says Mr Monaco.

Read Full BBC Article

Our tech won the 2021 Law Society Award for Excellence in Technology & Innovation

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"It is very helpful and easy to use. A great tool!"

"Grapple has been very helpful,  especially when you feel as though you've found yourself in a position financially difficult due to unfair treatment."

"Easy and so helpful"

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